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Is there hope on the horizon for those with brain injuries?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2024 | Brain Injury |

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be a very debilitating medical issue. Someone with a TBI might develop frustrating functional limitations that affect many aspects of their daily lived experience. People may require support for routine aspects of daily life. They may experience a significant drop in their overall standard of living due to a reduction in their earning potential. People may not be able to work at all and may require assistive technology to live independently or enjoy the same lifestyle that they had prior to their injury.

Medical professionals can offer emergency interventions to prevent a TBI from worsening after someone’s initial injury. Currently, there is no cure that can reverse existing damage to someone’s brain. However, researchers have recently announced exciting developments that might result in reduced symptoms and improved overall quality of life for those coping with chronic TBI symptoms.

What researchers developed

A TBI can affect someone’s mood and cognition, as well as their sensory experiences and motor function. Memory issues are one of the most frustrating challenges related to brain injuries, and researchers recently made impressive strides toward better managing brain injury-related memory challenges.

Experimental treatments involved surgery to implant a device capable of delivering electrical stimulation to the brain. Participants in the study reported improved cognition and reduced memory challenges when using the device. While the device cannot completely eliminate cognitive challenges and deficits related to TBIs, it does offer hope for those who worry that brain injury symptoms could affect their closest relationships or their careers.

Currently, experimental treatments are only available to those who qualify based on very specific criteria and sometimes also those capable of paying out of pocket for massive medical costs, including complex brain surgery. Eventually, such advances may eventually become accessible to those with limited resources. For the time being, those hoping to obtain cutting-edge treatment may need to seek out additional compensation.

Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit after a car crash or similar incident results in a TBI could help someone afford the best therapeutic options available given their symptoms. Learning more about brain injuries and options for compensation can make a major difference for those coping with life-altering medical challenges after a car wreck.