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Coeur d’Alene attorney Jim Bendell represents individuals and businesses in a variety of legal disputes that may require litigation to resolve. Jim is a former prosecutor, Superior Court Commissioner, and Judge Pro Tem. He also worked for over 16 y… Read More About Jim

I will recommend Jim for any legal coun[s]el. He is an amazing attorney, but also an amazing person. I will [go to] Jim for all my legal needs”
– Lisa
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Over Three Decades of Trial Experience

The Bendell Law Firm, PLLC — Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

There are many ways to resolve a legal dispute, some more effective than others. An approach that is too aggressive can inflame tempers, extend conflict, and drive up legal costs. An approach that is too passive may result in a quick, but less-than-favorable settlement. An ideal approach involves careful analysis, customized strategy, and powerful advocacy.

The Bendell Law Firm PLLC, based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, understands the importance of effective representation for serious legal disputes. Whether one’s livelihood, reputation, health or legacy is on the line, attorney Jim Bendell has the skill to litigate a dispute to a positive outcome. Licensed in both Idaho and Washington, Jim Bendell represents clients in Kootenai County, Bonner County, Shoshone County, and Benewah County.

With over forty years of legal experience, Jim Bendell serves as an advocate and adviser for individuals, families, and businesses. The Bendell Law Firm represents clients in business disputes, probate and trust litigation, real estate disputes, wrongful death and catastrophic personal injury cases.

Unlike most attorneys, Jim Bendell has judicial experience as well as experience as a litigator, having served as Superior Court Commissioner and Judge Pro Tem in Western Washington. This unique background enables him to analyze the strengths and challenges of each case, advise clients appropriately, and form an effective strategy to resolve the dispute. Being represented by an experienced litigator with a judicial background is an advantage whether a case proceeds to trial or settles. In addition to being a skilled advocate in the courtroom, an attorney with such depth and breadth of experience also knows how to anticipate the arguments that will be made by the opposing side.

Whether a lawsuit settles or resolves in a trial, the Bendell Law Firm supports clients from start to finish. We never lose sight of the fact that each case we handle affects the lives and well being of real people. Jim Bendell is committed to excellence, not only for the sake of a job well done, but simply because he cares about our clients.

Every lawsuit involves a series of decisions; each one then leads to other possible choices. The right legal guidance leads to wise decisions and the swiftest possible path to the best possible outcome. We invite you to contact the Bendell Law Firm to learn more about attorney Jim Bendell, the firm's areas of practice, and why our clients trust us to resolve their legal disputes ethically, and effectively.