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You don’t deserve pain and suffering because you were injured as the result of someone else’s reckless or careless behavior.

Here is what you do deserve: the greatest possible financial compensation. Serious or catastrophic injuries can require weeks, months, years—or even a lifetime—of doctor visits, medical procedures, physical, occupational and/or psychological therapy and the bills they bring. The party who caused your injury needs to be held accountable for the damage they caused. And they need to pay for it.

At the Bendell Law Firm in Post Falls, Idaho, you are our top priority. Our mission is to help people throughout northern Idaho and surrounding communities who have debilitating injuries from car, truck, or motorcycle accidents through no fault of their own.

We work hard to get you full and fair compensation. Because you deserve justice for the harm done to you.

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According to 2022 statistics from the American Bar Association (ABA), there are 4,047 practicing attorneys in Idaho and more than 26,000 throughout Washington state. A number of them list personal injury as one of many areas that they practice. When looking for a personal injury lawyer, start by looking for an attorney with vast experience in fighting for the rights of the injured in Idaho and the Spokane area.

Personal Injury

We offer a unique perspective that can be used in your favor. As a former litigator working for insurance companies, Jim Bendell knows how insurance companies’ legal counsel and adjusters think and is able to effectively counter their arguments to get you the greatest financial compensation.

Moreover, we bring the highest level of professionalism and compassion to families of those who have lost a loved one in an serious personal injury accident.

Car Accident Injury

The most common type of personal injury comes from automobile crashes. With increased traffic there’s not only an increase in accidents, but an increase in serious injuries. According to a report by the Idaho Transportation Department Office of Highway safety, this includes a 22 percent increase of overall motor vehicle fatalities from 2020 to 2021. A large percentage of these crashes involved passenger vehicles. At Bendell Law we make sure that your questions are addressed quickly and clearly. Moreover, we bring the highest level of professionalism and compassion to families of those who have lost a loved one in an accident.

Wrongful Death

Few things are more tragic than the loss of a family member—spouse, parent, or child. When another’s negligence results in death, it is especially hard for families to deal with the insurance company while they’re still grieving. A wrongful death claim allows certain surviving family members to sue the defendant (usually their insurance company) for the losses they have sustained. At Bendell Law Firm, our Post Fall personal injury attorney won’t shuffle your case of. By fostering a connection with each client, we ensure that they get the personal attention they deserve.

Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Kootenai County, Idaho

When You’re Injured, You Could Face Some Complicated Challenges

As a former prosecutor, previously Court Commissioner and Judge Pro Tem, Jim Bendell has decades of experience in getting you the compensation you need to get your life back on track. Every personal injury case is different; every person’s experience is different. It starts with listening to you. Next, we roll up our sleeves and collect evidence, look at police reports, find out what the adjuster has to say and determine what the insurer’s legal argument is likely to be. Then we put together the best strategy in cases including:

  • Car accidents: The most common type of personal injury comes from automobile crashes. The Idaho Transportation Department Office of Highway Safety’s report reveals a significant surge in motor vehicle fatalities by 22% from 2020 to 2021. Passenger vehicles were involved in a considerable proportion of these crashes.

  • Truck and commercial vehicle accidents: It should come as no surprise that in a collision between a car and a bus (fully loaded, up to 25,000 pounds) or a 30,000- to 80,000- pound truck, those in passenger cars are the victims of some of the most catastrophic injuries. These can include the most devastating wounds to the head, severe burns, and even amputations of arms, hands, or legs. In these kinds of accidents, there may be more than one liable party who can be held accountable for your injury.

  • Motorcycle accidents: Like accidents between cars and large commercial vehicles, motorcyclists are likely to suffer extremely severe injuries. Crush injuries are common, and may lead to medical conditions such as compartment syndrome, a cause of nerve damage and interference with blood flow. Concussions, internal injuries, broken ribs and other severe injuries are among the common injuries in motorcycle accidents. And according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), “motorcycle riders continue to be overrepresented in fatal traffic crashes.”

  • Spinal injuries: The spine is the central support system for your body. It allows you to stand, sit, bend, and twist. It comprises 33 vertebrae that form the spinal canal, the protective “tunnel” that protects the spinal cord and the nerves. Severe spinal injuries can cause paralysis; including paraplegia (paralysis of the legs and sometimes the torso) or quadriplegia (paralysis of all the limbs). The most debilitating spinal injuries may cause permanent disability; requiring a lifetime of medical and other care.

  • Brain injuries: The types of brain injuries that are often associated with motor vehicle accidents include concussions, in which a jolt or bump makes the head move back and forth rapidly, causing the brain to “bounce” around inside the skull. While sometimes considered to be a “minor” brain injury, concussions can damage brains cells. Post-concussion syndrome can lead to headaches, dizziness, and memory or concentration problems. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can lead to a host of debilitating symptoms, from seizures to sleep problems, confusion, loss of memory, and persistent headaches.

  • Neck and back injuries: Whiplash is an injury often sustained in rear-end collisions. It’s an injury to the neck that is likened to the cracking of a whip, as the neck is “whipped” back and forth by the force of the crash. It’s not an injury to take lightly: while some cases can be resolved with medications and exercise, left untreated, undertreated, or undiagnosed, it can lead to chronic pain and complications. Likewise, severe back fractures (broken back) can be more than painful, they can lead to incontinence, difficulty walking and/or the need to use an assistive device such as a cane. In many cases, surgery is required.

  • Broken bones: A broken arm or leg can mean more than an inconvenience. It can mean loss of wages if you can’t work and difficulty getting around, shopping, and daily tasks. A compound fracture is particularly dangerous as the bone pierces the skin, leaving you vulnerable to infection in both the wound and the bone. Spiral fractures may result from a trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident. Because of the “twisting” motion that causes them, they are more difficult to repair and are considered serious.

  • Wrongful death: The loss of a family member, such as a spouse, parent, or child, is an immense tragedy. Dealing with an insurance company while grieving can be particularly challenging when the death resulted from someone else’s negligence. Surviving family members can file a wrongful death claim against the defendant, often their insurance company, to seek compensation for the damages they have suffered.

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Successful Cases

Traumatic Brain Injury


I represented a client who suffered a traumatic brain injury. After listening to their needs and aggressively fighting on their behalf, they received the compensation they deserved.

Wrongful Death


I worked on behalf of a client who experienced the wrongful death of a family member. They received compensation they needed for a variety of financial losses.

Child Foster Care Abuse


My client was abused while part of the foster care system. I fought fiercely for the justice they deserved, and in the end, they were able to move forward with proper compensation.

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From Post Falls to Coeur d’Alene, throughout our beautiful part of the state and into the Spokane area, you can count on us to do what is in your best interest. Sometimes, this means negotiating a significant award. But when the insurance company is looking out for their bottom line more than they are looking to do the right thing for you, we don’t back down and will take them to court. Along the way, we make sure that you understand and feel comfortable with the strategy and course of action that’s decided upon.

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Excellent Attorney

Jim is an excellent attorney and knows law very well. He has the ability to translate legal jargon into layman’s terms. He is on time, prompt, efficient, and has a great attitude.


Indefatigable in His Pursuit of Justice

James Bendell is an outstanding attorney. He is extremely intelligent, thoroughly dedicated, and highly ethical. Mr. Bendell worked on my complex case for over ten years, and during that time he was indefatigable in his pursuit of justice. Moreover, he was always available to answer my questions and explain complex legal situations in terms a layman could understand. I have tremendous admiration for Mr. Bendell and would recommend him without reservation to anyone in need of legal counsel.


Brings Hope And Support And Excellent Results

Jim Bendell is an excellent attorney in every way. He is a good listener to his client and has offered very good advice and follow through. No matter how complicated the situation and/or how bleak the prospects, Attorney Bendell brings hope and support and excellent results.


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