Reviews of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Attorney James Bendell

Below are actual client reviews of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho attorney James Bendell. Jim's work consistently earns him 5 star reviews on websites such as Google and Avvo, and Avvo has given him its highest possible rating of 10/10. He appreciates his clients' willingness to share their experiences. Please keep in mind that the success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case: the Bendell Law Firm cannot guarantee particular results for future clients based on successes Jim has achieved in past legal matters.

"Got the Job Done Every Time I Called"

Jim has represented me for 12 years. Because of the nature of my work (Investigations) I needed the best. He made sure I dotted every I and crossed every T. He dealt with every legal chall[e]nge that came my way. He is a fighter and always got the job done.

– Stephen Brady

"[O]ne of the first lawyers I recommend for people looking for representation in his field."

Jim has been opposing counsel on cases of mine, a court commissioner, and an arbitrator on complex litigation cases of mine. In each instance, he was smart, well prepared, ethical, and effective. He is one of the first lawyers I recommend for people looking for representation in his field.

– Deborah Nelson, Insurance Law Lawyer in Seattle, WA

"[V]ery personable, responsive and sympathetic, yet could be a bulldog in the courtroom if necessary."

Jim is a punctual worker. He does not leave you hanging. He kept me informed and was determined to fight for my case. He was very personable, responsive and sympathetic, yet could be a bulldog in the courtroom if necessary. He is very knowledgeable and up-to-date in his field, and has the highest ethics.

– Hank, Civil Case Client

"Great Attorney"

Jim is a fantastic attorney. He answers emails and phone calls, answers your questions completely, and is a bulldog on your behalf. He is a true advocate for his clients, knows his law inside and out, and is a genuine person. He worked hard for me and I was very happy with the outcome.

– Anonymous

"James Bendell is a rarity in today's legal profession."

James Bendell is a rarity in today's legal profession. He works first and foremost for the honor and glory of God, which means that he seeks at all times to maintain the highest levels of professional integrity by looking at each case and each situation that is presented to him with clear-minded objectivity and fairness. He is always brutally honest about the course of action that one should take. Any client of his who refuses to take his advice at every turn is indeed a fool. Mr. Bendell takes his time to address every question posed to him by a client. One can always count on a timely response that is grounded in one thing: a pursuit of justice in the service of truth. As one who has known Mr. Bendell in both a personal and professional capacity for fifteen years, having worked with him on many important projects and served with him as a panelist at major conference and having been his client, I can attest that James Bendell is not only a credit to the legal profession, he is one of his most exemplary practitioners.

– Thomas

"Impeccable Attorney!"

Jim kept us well informed of our case at all times. He was very knowledgeable in all aspects of Probate Law. Jim was very comforting to us with his knowledge we were so thankful he was guiding us. Jim is an Attorney that goes the extra mile for his clients whether is be evenings or weekends and so easy to talk to. I have never seen anyone care so much about making a will be upheld and the person who wrote the will, and making they wishes materialize. When you are dealing with probate it is always hard because you have lost someone. Jim was on top of everything but also very compa[ss]ionate, honest, and caring. Jim made thing happen in our case that other attorneys said would never happen. I will recommend Jim for any legal coun[s]el. He is an amazing attorney, but also an amazing person. I will [go to] Jim for all my legal needs

– Lisa

"A professional and ethical attorney."

Mr. Bendell is one of those rare professionals whom one seldom encounters in the legal field. I have had frustrating experiences with other attorneys - they weren't thorough, or weren't entirely honest, or I had to chase after them for weeks to get an answer to a simple question. I have reviewed documents that some of my attorneys had prepared that were misleading or even patently inaccurate. Some lawyers were just downright arrogant and nasty. To my great relief, I have had none of these unfortunate experiences with Mr. Bendell. He possesses outstanding character and integrity. He has a sound knowledge of law and projects a confidence that is contagious. Those characteristics, along with a genuine and pleasant demeanor, result in a rare combination making a truly noteworthy professional. I have trusted him, and will continue to trust him, with my family's legal needs and I would unreservedly recommend his services to all.

– Bernadine

"I recommend him because he knows what he's talking about."

When I needed an attorney - James Bendell was there. I recommend him because he knows what he's talking about and he remembers all the details... It's nice when you know your in good hands.

– ​Victoria Mallett

"I would highly recommend him as an Attorney!"

Mr. Bendell was instrumental in resolving a very serious problem. He listened to all of the concerns and explained the options that were available. Due to his involvement and advice a prompt resolution was reached.

I would highly recommend him as an Attorney!

– ​John Doe

"[O]n top of the game the entire time and handled everything so I didn't have to worry."

These days if you don't have an attorney your being crazy... I was lucky to get James who has been on both sides of the insurance world and knows how they work. If you don't have a good attorney to back you and take care of you it will make a horrible experience a living nightmare. I am grateful after a rear end collision that gave me a severe head concussion and turned my world upside down... James was on top of the game the entire time and handled everything so I didn't have to worry I knew I was in the best care and believe me your going to need it... I highly recommend James to all my friends hopefully nothing bad happens to you but if it does you get the best!!!!

– Gina Dahl

"Jim Bendell is an excellent attorney in every way."

Jim Bendell is an excellent attorney in every way. He is an good listener to his client and has offered very good advice and follow through. No matter how complicated the situation and/or how bleak the prospects, Attorney Bendell brings hope and support and excellent results.

– ​Randy Engel

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