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The death of a loved one brings not only months or even years of grief, but also the problem of how to distribute his or her assets and pay debts that may be owed. In the American legal system, this is known as the Probate process. In Kootenai County, as elsewhere, this process involves filing formal papers in court, and putting the deceaced's heirs and creditors on notice of the pending probate case.

There is no room for error in this process. The person who manages the distribution of assets and payment of debts is known as the Personal Representative. The Personal Representative works closely with the Probate attorney in making sure that every dollar is accounted for and properly paid. If this is not done correctly, the Personal Representative can be held to be personally liable for debts or assets improperly paid.

James Bendell has litigated dozens of probate cases during his 35 years of litigation practice. He has represented Personal Representatives in routine non-contested Probate cases, as well as aggrieved relatives in Will contests and Trust Disputes concerning the assets of the deceased. 

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