When we become aware (or even suspect) that a child is being sexually abused, we are required by law to report it. Children cannot defend themselves.

In any civilized society, it is up to the adults to ensure the safety of the children. Once the fear has been turned over to the authorities, it is up to them to investigate. In this situation, an Idaho sex abuse of minors attorney can help.

Handling It In-House

This is the number one problem we have with sexual abuse cases. People are afraid of rocking the boat, getting someone in trouble, for being labeled a troublemaker at their job.

Let us say you work for a school. You are the assistant gym instructor. A student comes to you and says the instructor has been touching them inappropriately. You are required by law to report this to the proper authorities.

Reporting this to the principal of your school does not relieve you of your legal responsibilities. While your school district may have a procedure to follow, you must continue until the report has been given to the police.

What Is A “Third Party?”

A third-party is a broad term that is basically any organization or group that has access to the child and is aware of the sexual abuse that is happening to the child.

We have all heard the stories of churches where ministers and priests were accused of sexual abuse, yet the charges not being reported past their authority. Organized groups like scouts, clubs, sports teams, and it doesn’t stop there.

We have even read about movie actors, Olympic contestants, and beauty pageants that have had people in a trusting position of authority who stepped over the line.

If your PTA group knew or suspected the dance instructor at the community center was molesting children, your group could be sued as a third-party if the situation was not reported immediately.

Where To Get Legal Advice About Sexual Abuse

If your child was the victim of sexual abuse by an adult they were entrusted to, you need an attorney. Make no mistake about it.

Groups and organizations have deep pockets and will spare no expense in defending themselves, even at the cost of your child and their well-being. You need an experienced attorney who knows who to hit and how hard.

If you are a part of the school, team, or organization that is telling you to keep the situation in-house, you need to seek legal advice at once. You cannot un-ring the bell. You know about the situation, and that means you have a legal responsibility to speak up. Let your attorney help you handle it the right way.

We are suggesting that you act like a responsible adult and understand that the child is the victim. Until you hand off the flag to the next player, it is your duty.

Call a qualified lawyer to arrange a confidential consultation. Protect yourself and do the right thing for the children. These helpless souls need a person like you to believe in.