Annually, nearly 5,000 people are killed in the United States in motorcycle accidents. Thousands more are seriously injured.

If you or your family members are the victims of a motorcycle accident, you need a qualified Coeur d’Alene motorcycle attorney to help you recover damages.

Determining Responsibility

Idaho is an “at-fault” state. This means the courts look at an accident and determine what percentage of the blame for the accident lies with each person involved.

They can determine that the accident was 100% the fault of the other driver. Or, they may determine that the other driver was 75% at fault and you were 25% at fault.

The role of your motorcycle attorney is to prove that the accident was more their fault than yours. The court takes many things into consideration when assigning fault.

Your attorney will help you show the courts that you did everything that was reasonable to ensure your and the other parties safety.

Determine The Appropriate Avenue To Seek Damages

It is very rare when an accident only involves two people. In fact, there is almost always at least one or two insurance companies (or more) involved.

There are times when your attorney must pursue your insurance company to make them do the right thing. Other times they must seek damages from the other driver’s insurance company.

Sometimes there are other factors such as a failed part of the motorcycle that caused it to crash, or the carelessness of a property owner who left a hole uncovered or something hanging onto the roadway. It is the role of your motorcycle attorney to determine who is at fault and to seek damages.

Assessing Damages

When a person is injured in an accident, it is rare that he or she will immediately see all of their damages. The fact is, their injuries can linger on for years. The injuries may lead to other injuries over time.

What may begin as a neck injury can cause trauma to the spine, back, and legs that you do not experience right away. You may suffer from headaches, PTSD, and stress from the accident. Here are some other damages an attorney will help you recover:

● Medical bills
● Lost wages (immediate and future wages)
● Pain and suffering
● Purchase of special equipment needed for and during your recovery
● The assistance of trained help to assist you while you are recovering
● The cost of prescriptions and other items that your doctor feels you need

Other Ways An Attorney Can Help

It takes an attorney with the experience and skills needed to assess and determine the extent of the damages you are entitled to. It takes knowledge and expertise to guide you through the legal system in a way that will benefit you most. You do not get another chance at this.

Your injuries will not go away on their own, and you need a qualified Coeur d’Alene motorcycle accident attorney to help from the beginning through the end and every step in between. Our legal system protects us from the negligence of careless people. Reach out to a motorcycle accident attorney to ensure that all of your rights were protected.