When you have been in an accident with a commercial truck, meeting with a truck accident lawyer in Coeur d’Alene is a top priority. In order to help him or her fully understand the situation and therefore give you sound advice, you should come prepared.

There is basic information and knowledge that you have access to, that your attorney will need in order to proceed.

What To Know Before You Begin

The relationship you form with your truck accident attorney is an important one. He or she is on your side no matter what. Their entire purpose is to recover the maximum dollar amount possible to make you whole.

It is important that you are completely open and honest with your attorney. They are not here to judge you, but he or she cannot defend what they do not know about.

Many times, when dealing with accidents of this nature, people face life-changing issues. They could suffer pain for the rest of their lives. They may no longer be able to make their living in the same way as they did before they were injured. The accident costs much more than doctor bills. The effect on the family, career, and lifestyle of the victim can be long-reaching.

Be sure you and your attorney are on the same page. Do you want recovery to the fullest extent of the law? Are you going to be satisfied with any offer the insurance company makes so that you can be finished sooner? These are things you must be honest with yourself and your attorney about.

What You Should Research And Bring With You

● Details about the trucking company

The driver will give you basic information at the scene. Do not stop there. Research the full name, address, phone number, and officers of the company. Make a note of this information. Include website addresses and email addresses if you locate them.

● Details about the accident

Bring a copy of the accident and police report. Type out a full statement as soon as possible. Do this while the details are fresh in your mind. Be sure to include road conditions or any situation that caused danger.

If there was property damage to the area, including a description and photographs. Print or forward photographs that were taken at the scene of the accident to your attorney. Include the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident.

● Information about your vehicle

Provide the full make, model, and VIN number of your automobile. Provide copies of your insurance policies and contact information to your insurance company.

Include 2-3 estimates of what the damages are. Show maintenance records to prove that the automobile was in good repair and safe to operate.

● Medical expenses

Provide a copy of all the medical records concerning this case. Include emergency room visits, ambulance rides, doctors invoices, medication expenses, and over the counter medications you purchase.

If you must go to physical therapy, include a copy of those records and bills for any equipment you must purchase to recover.

If you were unable to function without in-home help, someone to drive you, and other services you must hire out, provide the records from the doctor recommending the services and any invoices to prove the expense.

Your attorney will need information about your salary losses, job adjustments, and any lost sick time, or vacation time used to accommodate for the accident. The more information you can provide to your attorney, the faster he or she can begin the process of your financial recovery.