While car accidents are fairly common throughout Idaho, these unfortunate events can inflict fatal damage on those involved. In extreme cases, a deadly car accident can prematurely take the life of its victims. It is recommended to speak with a car accident attorney in Idaho.

Sadly, many people are injured or killed as the result of negligent driving. In fact, according to Idaho Office of Highway Safety, 51 percent of motor vehicle crashes were the result of negligent driving.

In most deadly car accidents, a distracted driver commits an unsafe driving action without the regard of other motorists or pedestrians.

Even if you have sustained an injury or have experienced the death of a loved one as the result of a preventable car accident, it can still be difficult proving that the driver responsible was distracted. In a civil lawsuit case, the burden of proof is on you to assert this claim through proof and evidence that is suitable to the court. Although it is impossible to know exactly what a driver was doing during a car accident, there are a variety of ways to prove your case to a civil court in Idaho.

Hire An Expert Witness

If you are working with a law firm in your car accident case, one common method of proving negligence on behalf of the accused is to hire an expert witness. A quality lawyer will make the preparations to locate and hire an expert witness that has specific knowledge pertaining to your case.

After providing this individual with necessary evidence such as photos, video clips, and other substantial evidence, the witness will give an expert opinion in favor of your case.

However, you must be aware that the defendant in your case will also likely hire an expert witness to contradict the findings of your witness.

Nonetheless, a qualified individual with a background that is relevant to your accident will boost your chances of gaining a desirable outcome.

Gather Your Own Evidence

Needless to say, those that succeed in their civil trials are usually proactive. After all, if you have been injured as the result of a careless driver, there should be a sense of urgency within you to find evidence that will prove your case. By simply traveling to the scene of the accident, you could find vital evidence that can strengthen your case.

Moreover, if you have called the police after your accident, the officers that arrive will usually collect a written statement from both parties that details their account leading to the accident.

More often than not, the negligent driver will tell the truth and give the police a full account of what happened. If this is the case, you can turn the tides in your favor by presenting this statement to the court to prove that the accused was indeed negligent and distracted.

Proving that a driver was distracted during your car accident can be a complex process. By hiring an expert witness and gathering your own evidence, you will increase your chances of proving your case to an Idaho civil court.