Real Estate Disputes

Real Estate Disputes

Real Estate Disputes

Coeur d’Alene Attorney for Business Disputes Serving North Idaho and Spokane

Real estate comes in many forms — raw land, undeveloped lots, single family homes, condominiums, apartments and commercial property. In the best of all worlds, the only time a property owner will have to deal with legal documents is on the day of purchase and the day of sale of the property. Unfortunately, not all property owners are so fortunate.

With over three decades of litigation experience, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, attorney Jim Bendell is able to aggressively defend the rights of property owners should real estate disputes require the filing of a lawsuit or the defense of a lawsuit already filed. Jim handles real estate disputes throughout North Idaho and the Spokane area.

Attorney Services in Real Estate Disputes

  • Examining deeds and other real estate documents to determine easement rights.
  • Adjudicating boundary disputes to determine the precise boundaries of the client’s land.
  • Representing members of Homeowners Associations in disputes with a condominium association or other HOA.
  • Filing lawsuits to determine the rights of easement holders.
  • Representing property owners in condemnation cases in which a city, county or state government wishes to seize land under the right of eminent domain.
  • Advocating for property owners in disputes concerning the proper location of a boundary fence.
  • Assisting property owners in defending against alleged violations of CC&Rs or government regulations.
  • Presenting claims against contractors for defective or insufficient work related to the construction or repair of a home or other structure.
  • Representing landlords who need to evict tenants who are not paying rent owed or who are damaging property.

For more information about how Jim can assist with your real estate matter, contact the Bendell Law Firm by phone, email or text message to request a free initial consultation.

Landlord / Tenant Resource: Idaho Office of the Attorney General Landlord and Tenant Guidelines

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