Probate and Trust Litigation

Probate and Trust Litigation

Probate and Trust Litigation

Coeur d’Alene Attorney for Probate and Trust Litigation Serving North Idaho and Spokane

The death of a loved one can be devastating and the last thing a grieving spouse or child wants to think about is administering the estate of the deceased. However, facing these economic obligations cannot be postponed indefinitely. There are obligations imposed upon the Personal Representative to marshal the assets of the estate, protect and insure estate assets, and file court documents in a timely manner. These obligations exist whether or not the deceased left a written Will (or Last Will and Testament). If the deceased has utilized a written trust to dispose of his or her assets, the obligations are different but also must be addressed in a timely fashion.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, attorney Jim Bendell has handled many probate cases, both as an attorney and as a Court Commissioner and Judge Pro Tem. He advises and represents family members, Personal Representatives, and other interested parties in the probate courts of North Idaho and the Spokane area, including the Kootenai County District Court, Bonner County District Court, Shoshone County District Court, and Benewah County District Court.

Attorney Services in Probate and Trust Litigation

  • Interpreting a Will or Trust document which was signed by the deceased.
  • Initiating the filing of Probate in District Court, whether or not the deceased left a written Will.
  • Representing the Personal Representative in Probate cases.
  • Representing aggrieved family members who believe that the Personal Representative is mishandling the distribution of assets and payment of debts of the deceased.
  • Filing and litigating creditor’s claims in Probate litigation.
  • Contesting the validity of a Will based on the lack of mental competence of the deceased.
  • Acting as local counsel to preserve estate assets in cases where the deceased’s Will has been probated in another state but the deceased owned real estate in either Idaho or Washington state.

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