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Personal Injury Attorney

Our compassionate personal injury attorneys in Post Falls understand how drastically a traumatic event can alter one’s life. Whether it be an injury or loss of a loved one, unexpected hardships bring about mounting medical bills and lost income that nobody should have to bear alone. We are here for the everyday person who goes up against big corporations, government entities, or insurance companies – providing guidance to ensure individuals do not endure such tragedies without their rights being respected and getting the compensation they deserve.

When faced with a serious injury or wrongful death in Post Falls, Washington and Idaho communities – it is absolutely essential to seek the skills of an expert attorney who can help you chart through the legal system for maximum compensation. Every day, people experience accidents that cause injuries ranging from minor scratches to fatal tragedies; having a knowledgeable lawyer by your side ensures that justice will be served.

Car Accident Attorney

It’s essential to choose a Post Falls attorney who is both local and specializes in personal injury law for the best chance of success with your case. A legal professional knowledgeable about car accidents, pain & suffering damages, medical bills, property damage costs, other losses and future loss compensation can take your claim all the way to trial if necessary. Our track record speaks volumes: we’ve aided countless clients receive maximized settlements or judgments based on our successful verdicts & settlements history.

Although it’s difficult to return your life to the way it was prior to your accident, we are determined in our mission to hold those accountable for their actions and secure fair financial compensation that you’re entitled by law. We will work tenaciously on your behalf until justice is served.

Wrongful Death Attorney

The passing of a loved one can be heartbreaking, especially if they were taken away due to the negligence or malicious act of another individual or company. While no amount of money could ever replace that person in our lives, you may have legal recourse through filing a wrongful death lawsuit which would grant access to financial compensation. Each situation is different and complex; however, our Post Falls personal injury lawyers are highly knowledgeable about these matters as well as applicable laws and will work with you to determine whether pursuing this route could offer some form of solace for your tragic loss.

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Jim is an excellent attorney and knows law very well. He has the ability to translate legal jargon into layman’s terms. He is on time, prompt, efficient, and has a great attitude.


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Excellent lawyer. Professional and tenacious. What I also liked, was his great compassion. This is helpful when you are having a crisis!


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