As Coeur D’Alene probate lawyers we know of the old saying that goes, “when you die, you can’t take anything with you.” Rightfully so, after a person’s death, their property or estate is transferred to their beneficiaries listed inside of a Will or trust. Unfortunately, the matters that concern the inheritance of an estate involves a complicated process known as probate. Generally, in a Will, an executor is named to handle the administration of the estate. In trusts, an executor is commonly known as the successor trustee, whose main objective is to also pay off the debts of the estate and ensure that the remaining assets are transferred to the beneficiaries.

In many cases, the probate process is often too complex for an executor to handle alone. As a result, probate lawyers commonly assist clients by providing legal expertise pertaining to the matters of an estate. Though, it can be confusing to understand how a lawyer can help you, especially if you are hesitant to pay extra legal fees on top of your enormous responsibility handling an estate. While recruiting a probate lawyer may include a large price tag, these attorneys specialize in the complicated processes of probate. Hence, here are a few main ways that a probate lawyer can help you.

Probate Lawyers Offer Essential Probate Assistance

To put it simply, managing the proceeds of an estate involves a great deal of administrative work. Requesting the assistance of a probate lawyer will allow you to expedite the entire probate process. Particularly, if you are involved in any of the following areas, a probate lawyer can assist you in a variety of ways.

● Gathering and overseeing life insurance funds.
● Collecting and securing all of the trustor’s assets.
● Advising a prudent way of paying the estate’s bills and debts.
● Creating and filing specific probate court documents.
● Managing the checkbook of the estate.
● Determining if any estate taxes are owed.

As you can see, a probate lawyer can offer essential assistance in a wide range of areas, giving you the freedom to handle other legal affairs. Choosing a quality probate attorney could serve as a time-consuming alternative to tackling the activities of probate yourself.

A Probate Lawyer Can Help When There Is No Will

Under Idaho state law, if you die without establishing a Will, your death is classified to fall under the circumstances of interstate. Under Idaho’s intestacy laws, an estate is distributed to a specific list of beneficiaries. Usually, the probate process is much more complicated in the absence of a Will.

In these cases, a probate lawyer can provide legal assistance and demystify the numerous obstacles that are involved in the probate process. For example, it is fairly common for individuals to dispute a Will or claim that they are owned specific portions of an estate. Without any expert legal help, it can be difficult navigating through the probate process, especially if the decedent doesn’t have a Will.

Overall, no one is required to have a probate lawyer to help manage an estate. However, recruiting the help of a probate attorney can boost your chances of resolving a legal issue with an estate as quickly as possible.