If you desire to pursue litigation after your accident, your success in this matter depends almost entirely on your ability to prove that an individual is at fault. To do so, you must provide essential documentation that provides proof that will support your case. A Idaho car accident lawyer can help.

It cannot be stressed enough that many people seeking damages and compensation from their injuries usually hinder themselves from actually receiving these benefits due to the lack of evidence. During your case, you must come to the negotiation table with undeniable proof that the car accident you were involved in was not your fault and that you are owed compensation for your injuries or medical bills.

If you are confused on what documents you should collect in the aftermath of your car accident, the great news is that obtaining these documents are simpler than what you think. In order to give you more information about this process, here are some key documents to gather after a car accident.

Police Report

If a police officer arrived on the scene of the accident, it is likely that this officer composed a record known as an accident report. This report contains vital information that will present your claim in any personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim. In order to obtain a copy of this report, you will need to contact the police department that arrived on the scene of the accident and provide them with the following information:

● The location and date when the accident occurred.
● A list of names of the people involved in the accident.
● The name of the officer who prepared the accident report.

After providing this information, you will receive an official copy of the accident report related to your crash.

Medical Records

If you were injured in an accident, you will need to prove the extent of your injuries if you desire reimbursement. In a personal injury lawsuit, it is better to show proof that details the severity of your injuries and medical costs, rather than simply explaining this to the court. To provide proof that you have endured a difficult medical situation, you will need to provide medical records of the following:

● Emergency medical services such as paramedics and ambulances.
● Hospital treatment
● Physical therapy
● Medical prescriptions
● Medical care from your primary physician

Usually, you should be able to access these records or have them sent to you within a few days. However, for larger hospitals, it may take a few weeks for your medical records to be processed and given to you.

Pay Records

If you have lost substantial time at your job as the result of a serious car accident, you will need to gather your financial records that indicate the money you lost. These records are simple to obtain and lighten the burden you and your Idaho car injury lawyer have to prove in court. If you have missed months of time at your job and can provide records showing that you haven’t been paid, you can effectively force the defendant’s hand to negotiate your case with a reasonable compensation settlement.