We have all encountered the frustration of slow-moving trucks, and other traffic traveling in the left lanes of the highways in Idaho. While the laws differ from state to state, most states have laws regarding the use of left lanes or fast lanes. Let our truck accident law firm in Idaho explain.

What The Left Lane Is For

When traffic is merging on or off of the highway, you expect their speed to slow. This allows people to safely change lanes and exit to the right.

Traffic that is traveling at faster speeds, which is not in a position to need to merge, can stay to the left. This allows traffic to move smoothly.

Faster traffic is out of the way, and, slower traffic allows the entry and exit of the highway system to work correctly.

Why Truckers Are Tempted To Abuse The Left Lane

Trucks are huge machines that weigh thousands of pounds. It takes some time and effort to get the momentum of the truck going fast enough to keep up with traffic. A truck driver is usually paid based on the number of miles he drives the load.

When a truck is in slower moving traffic, rush-hour traffic, or construction, it is painfully slow to move the truck. They are continually inching along, yet they do not gather the momentum they need to get up to speed. This cost the driver time and money.

The left lane of the highway is usually reserved for fast moving traffic or vehicles that are passing other vehicles. There is less congestion, and the drivers are able to maximize their speed.

Why It Matters

Perhaps you think that this is not a big deal. Why does it matter if a truck driver takes advantage or abuses the left lane of the highway?

Simply put, it is dangerous. Drivers who are obeying the laws are doing their part to keep traffic moving.

When they encounter a truck that is slowing down the lane intended for passing or fast-moving traffic, they tend to get frustrated. Vehicles may weave in and out of traffic to get around the trucker. A vehicle traveling at the faster rate of speed may misjudge the speed of the truck, and that can cause a collision.

Finally, it matters because it is the law. In the state of Idaho, all drivers (regardless of what type of vehicle they drive), must travel in the right lane when they are driving at a rate of speed that is slower than normal traffic. They can only use the left lane when they are traveling at a faster rate of speed than normal traffic or to pass another vehicle.

If a driver is caught driving slower in the left lane or staying in the left lane beyond the time needed to pass another driver, they will face a fine of up to $300.00. If an accident occurs, you may need the services of an attorney.

The fines and punishments vary per state, but every state has regulations. If you are traveling through a state, it is a good idea to research this law. Using the left lane for the purposes it was designed for is not only considerate of other drivers, but it is also the law.