Why Choose Jim

In the British legal system, attorneys are divided into the categories of solicitors and barristers. Only barristers are permitted to appear in court and conduct trials. The American legal system recognizes no such specialties. Therefore, a newly minted law school graduate has the right to conduct a murder trial even though he has no litigation experience whatsoever.

For this reason, persons seeking the services of an attorney, in a case that may require litigation to resolve, should not simply look for an attorney licensed in the proper jurisdiction. Rather, they need to select an attorney who has significant trial experience.

The Benefits of Over Three Decades of Legal Experience

Jim Bendell has over three decades of legal experience. After working as a prosecutor, he then conducted jury trials for insurance companies for 16 years. Since then he has litigated a large variety of cases on behalf of individual clients. These cases have included jury trials, bench (judge) trials and hearings before administrative agencies.

Trial experience not only makes an attorney a better litigator, but it also helps him advise a client on the likely cost of filing a lawsuit and proceeding to trial.

The Benefits of Judicial Experience

Prospective clients may also wish to find an attorney with judicial experience if their legal problem may end up in court. A judge has to make decisions after examining the evidence presented by both sides of a case. An attorney who has worked in a judicial capacity may be able to evaluate a client’s case with greater objectivity, anticipating in advance the likely counter-arguments and objections that would be faced should a lawsuit be filed on a client’s behalf.

While practicing law in Washington State, Jim also worked as a Superior Court Commissioner and Judge Pro Tem. There he gained the unique experience of objectively evaluating both sides of a case before rendering a final ruling that can permanently impact the lives of the parties, including loss of property, custody of children and years to be spent in prison.

When you retain Jim Bendell as your attorney you become the beneficiary of all these years of litigation and judicial experience.

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