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Coeur d’Alene attorney Jim Bendell represents individuals and businesses in a variety of legal disputes that may require litigation to resolve. Jim is a former prosecutor, Superior Court Commissioner, and Judge Pro Tem. He also worked for over 16 years as a trial attorney representing insurance companies in a variety of damages claims. Jim’s practice is now primarily devoted to representing individuals and small businesses in both Idaho and Washington.

Jim has handled cases involving injury to persons, breach of contract, real estate and easement disputes, damage to personal property, probate of Wills and inheritance disputes, guardianships, conservatorships and restraining orders. In addition to taking these cases to trial, he has participated in many formal court-ordered mediations and has acted as mediator himself.


Because Jim has over three decades of trial experience, he is well equipped to zealously represent his clients in court. However, that same experience enables Jim to advise his clients concerning what may be a more productive and less stressful outcome by settling cases before trial or even before filing suit.

Jim’s experience in advising clients is further buttressed by the years he spent as a Superior Court Commissioner and Judge Pro Tem while practicing law in Western Washington. In his judicial capacity, he ruled on cases involving guardianship, property disputes, family law, adoption, and breach of contract as well as criminal cases involving misdemeanors and felonies. He also often acted as a court-appointed mediator.

Jim’s judicial experience has dramatically brought home the fact that all trials involve risk, and that an ethical attorney will accurately advise a client concerning the possible risks and rewards of proceeding to trial versus settling out of court. Moreover, once he files a lawsuit, Jim works closely with his clients in monitoring the cost of litigation and budgeting for anticipated costs such as for hiring expert witnesses.


  • Bachelor of Arts degree, College of William and Mary
  • Juris Doctor degree, Rutgers University